Mr. Mark E. Ting

Mr. Mark E. Ting, has fulfilled a dream and founded his own company. He spared no time or effort to put his plans into action. Now it’s time for potential customers to take notice. Mr. Mark E. Ting ponders where to find out about new offerings and services.
Yesterday he was looking for another printer and was able to order it at a reasonable price. His neighbor raves about how quickly and cheaply you can shop online.

Internetagentur Hamburg Blankenese

Hmm, he thinks. Will I be found quickly with a brand new website? After hours of deliberation, he comes to the realization that a website alone is not enough to win customers for his products and services quickly and cheaply.

He researched further and came across the term social media marketing.

Ah, thinks Mr. Mark E. Ting. Facebook, Instagram & Co are networks where companies can offer their products and services. In the best case, you get immediate feedback for presentations and contributions.

If he connects his website to Facebook and other social networks so that products and posts are published from one system and everything is automatically distributed on the Internet, this would not only save time, but also free advertising for his company. He could use the part of his advertising budget saved in this way elsewhere.

Mr. Mark E. Ting is satisfied and makes the appointment with Mr. Conée from the Internet agency P7 the following day.

“Mr. Mark E. Ting,” Mr. Conée said after a while. “As discussed, we will create the company website for you, which you can use to distribute articles and product photos on networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with just a few clicks. We plan to integrate other social networks and trading platforms such as Amazon, Ebay and YouTube in the short term. We will of course set up the individual accounts for you.

We also create a Google Business account and sign you up to use Google Ads. With Google Ads, you can place targeted advertisements that lead to your website. You set the budget yourself and therefore you have full cost control.

We regularly evaluate visitor statistics and can thus target potential customers.

Depending on how large your product range is, you should consider having a shop created in addition to your website, which can be seamlessly integrated into the website”.

Mr. Mark E. Ting is delighted. When he gets home, he mentally reviews the individual points.

  • Create a website
  • Create Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts and set up company pages
  • Connect everything together
  • Place ads on Google
  • After six months, measure the success and develop further steps to expand the online presence.
Internetagentur Hamburg Blankenese

Six months later it can be stated that Mr. Mark E. Ting’s marketing strategy was successful and the shop can now be tackled. He has always received positive feedback for his published products and is constantly in touch with new prospects.

With the Internet agency P7 Digital Marketing & Design, he has found a reliable partner who is at his side in all matters and realizes your ideas.